Domain Names and WordPress

The easiest part of working with domain names is submitting to the registration site of ones choice. Sites like have the easiest job. All they have to do is accept the registration and process the payment. This is why its so easy for the website owners to feel so alone that they often end up fumbling in the process.

Doing It Backwards

Choosing the right domain names is key to doing everything right from the very beginning. One major error that many start-up companies commit is doing it backwards. That is, they think of the best domain names for their business after they have registered a haphazardly chosen one.

Then, they try to correct the error by submitting even more entries like a patch up job, which is a lot like using duct tape on a plumbing problem. The best way to harness the real power of domain names is to have a well-thought-out plan from the ground up. For example, its easy to think that using ones business name is enough.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Sure your business name may sound good to you, and it may sound good to others also, but these are probably people you have asked their opinion about the domain name? Truth of the matter is that online you are not going to be found unless you use the proper keywords! Maybe the people that know you or your business may find you, but as for any new customers finding you the outlook is bleak. Of course you could always buy traffic, which is exactly what you will have to do unless you do your do diligence with regards to your keyword research. Myself, I use one tool in particular for my keyword research. Why you ask do you use this tool, because it works! PERIOD. Here it is below:

Even the Best Companies Skip Proper Keyword Research

To perform an effective keyword research, the best tool to use is the Google Keyword Tool. Yet even the best companies tend to skip this important step and just figure out the keywords out of the blue, just like a magician. Hence, according to SEO expert Jim Lisi, these companies miss the whole logic of the exercise. For chances are, keywords developed out of a whim, are not optimized enough to make the cut. Ultimately, as far as generating traffic is concerned, not doing the homework comes back to haunt the perpetrators. They are waiting for organic traffic that will never come.

The Lisi Formula for Keyword Research

Ultimately, there is no substitute for the right way of doing it. Lisi summarizes the steps to a well-done keyword research as follows: Brainstorm, categorize, research, edit, determine competitiveness, and choose.  This may seem like a lot, but its worth it.

When applied to the task of choosing domain names, keyword research will be the first to tell the user that having just is not enough. One must also have,, or, etc. Although a company like Microsoft does not need help with generating hits, a beginning firm will need all the help it can get from domain names which, based on exhaustive keyword research, are also keyword optimized.

The Role of WordPress CMS in the SEO Scheme of Things

The next question is, how WordPress CMS figures in the keyword optimization scheme of things. First of all, a number one professional blogging program like WordPress CMS comes standard with SEO.  Its not something optional for WordPress CMS. For example, the WordPress CMS header, title tags, and internal as well as external linking are already keyword optimized.

How to Rev Up WordPress CMS

Yet, just like a car, someone needs to be in the drivers seat of WordPress CMS. Although many of its features are on auto-pilot, keyword research still needs to supply WordPress CMS with just the right words to rev up the engine of organic traffic. As Kevin Gibbons writes in Search Engine Watch,  without keywords coming from the author, WordPress CMS is doomed.

The bottom line is, whether one is dealing with domain names or WordPress CMS, keyword research is an imperative. Failing this, one only has traffic to lose, which is the holy grail of Web commerce, anyway. All other patchwork procedures such as PPC, keyword stuffing, and press releases will ultimately fail, when keyword research is flawed.v


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